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Avalon stands for quality, reliability and design at the best price. Our bicycles have been assembled with great care and craftsmanship in our own Dutch workshop for 16 years. ​

This way we can offer you the best bicycle that you can enjoy for years to come. Our range consists of a wide range of different models, so you can always find a bicycle that meets your needs.​


A topic that is discussed the most, both before purchasing the bicycle and while using a bicycle that has already been purchased, is the range of the battery. Below we explain the Avalon position.

Avalon only uses A-brands in the composition of its bicycles and that certainly also applies to the batteries. These are usually the most expensive part of the bicycle and therefore deserve extra attention.

The range of one full battery cannot be specified in advance, at most approximate. To give an example; we deliver our bicycles with a tire pressure of 4 bar. If this pressure decreases to 3 bar it will still feel like a hard tire, but the range will decrease by about 25% depending on the weight of the rider.

There are countless influences that influence the reach positively or negatively. The most important are; Good use of the available gears, weight of the rider, tire pressure, freewheel resistance of the wheel and gear hubs, freewheeling of brakes, selected support position, few or many stops for eg traffic lights, many speed changes, upwind or against, a lot up and/or down a hill, type of surface, dry or wet surface, degree of self-pedaling, age of the battery and so on, there are many more minor influences.

It can be deduced from the above that a guaranteed range cannot simply be specified. Experience shows that a 13Ah battery can drive between 30 and 130 kilometers. This 30 is very low and this concerns a heavier driver who always rides in the high support, uses 2 gears and cycles at top speed. 100 kilometers is a lot and is usually only achieved by a lighter long-distance cyclist who stops little and does not go higher than position 2 of the support while using all gears, provided that the user also provides some power himself.


Bicycle batteries from Avalon are tested according to strict European standards to guarantee safety. Despite the high safety standard, there is always a very small chance that a battery will fail and cause a fire. In most cases this is due to misuse. For example, due to exposure to high or low temperatures for too long, continuing to use the battery after damage to the housing or using the wrong chargers. You can take extra measures yourself to make the already very small chance even smaller.


Always follow the charging advice that came with your bike. Charge the battery of your electric bicycle in a dry environment (preferably between 10 and 25 degrees Celsius). Preferably charge a battery near a smoke detector and supervise the charging process. We do not recommend charging without a view of a battery, for example at night in a house.

Always use the supplied charger. Once the battery is charged, remove the charger from the battery and mains. Never buy chargers that are not certified and not recommended by the e-bike manufacturer. If you notice leaking liquid, excessive heat, a strong odor, smoke or sparks when charging the battery, disconnect it from the mains immediately. Stop using the e-bike battery immediately and disconnect it from the charger if necessary. Move the device outdoors and away from combustible materials, if safe to do so.

By following the above tips, you eliminate the risk of fire from an e-bike battery as much as possible. Specific information about charging can be found in the manual for your e-bike.

The above texts are from the manufacturer’s website: https://www.avalon-fietsen.nl

All translated by Google Translate