E-City, Uitleg en tips

Display + Controller (e-city)

The display of the e-city is separate from the controller. The controller can be found on the left side of the steering wheel. The display in the center of the steering wheel.

With the 2021 models, you change the functions and not the mode with the ‘set’ button.
The mode of these models cannot be changed.

What to think about:

– Do not cycle faster than you would with a normal bicycle, think about the safety of others and your own.
– To limit energy consumption, use the ECO mode and pedal normally, so you can cover more kilometers with your battery.

How to operate the controller step by step:

All functions of the keys are explained with ‘click once’ / ‘press and hold’

*We request that you DO NOT USE the menu!

Lighting / On-Off

Mode / Menu*

Plus / Function

Min / Walk assist

*We request that you DO NOT USE the menu!

Step by step the support mode:

The assist mode says nothing about how fast you are going, that bike will only give more power when you slow down to pick up your speed. Each stand has its own energy consumption.

1. ECO (green)

2. Normaal (blue)

3. Power (red)

Step by step the support positions:

You change the support levels by pressing the plus or minus once.

The support positions each represent a speed. We recommend using position 2 with a maximum of position 3. Think about safety, you would not cycle faster on a normal bicycle.


0 km/h


± 12 km/h


± 17 km/h


± 21 km/h


± 24 km/h


± 25 km/h

Step by step the functions:

You can choose from different functions. We usually set the Trip and Time counter to zero before the rental. This way you can keep track of how much you cycle!

1. Total

This shows how much the bike has cycled in total.

2. Trip

Here you can keep track of what you cycle yourself as long as you rent the bikes.

3. Tijd

This is the total time you have cycled that the counter has been above 0 km/h. So even when you walk.